Intra Oral Camera
Manikin: DA-MC01

Product Name: Intra Oral Camera

Model: DA-MC01


*High-definition image

*Fixed focus lens makes no time waste in manual focusing.

*Easy to use, convenient to move monitor with handle.

*Create photo or video documentation of treatment for patient’s record.

Technical Details:

*Application of high speed image processing technology.

*High integrated design, universal VGA interface, it supports to any monitor.

*Custom-made cable for Camera.

*Image Sensor: CMOS1/4

*Operating System: Embedded Operating System

*Key Mode: 4 keys

*Screen Size: 17 inch

*Screen Resolution: 1280*1024

*Display: 1 Picture/4 Pictures

*Storage Mode: SD Card Storage

*Other Function: Remote Control Function, Video Function

*Max Supported Storage: 32G

*Picture Format: JPG

*Focusing Scope: 5-50mm

*Power Consumption: 30W